Objective: To create a seamless campaign for General Motor’s first car sharing service
Execution: 15 shots. 12 hours. Thrilled client.

Set up, shoot, and break down in 12 hours? All for a new, unique brand, complete with car, talent, and limited resources – sound impossible? Say Hello Saverio…photographer behind the newest Maven campaign. With over 15 years of solving the world’s greatest advertising problems, he was up to the challenge and exceeded expectations for GM’s principle car sharing venture.

Saverio seamlessly combines the agency’s vision with his own, and incorporates superior technical knowledge to bring the concept to life. Naturally, the first step was for him to create storyboards for each shot, illustrating his framing and lighting technique. To no surprise, the creative team at McGarryBowen jumped onboard. Held to the rigorous standard of a car shoot, Saverio kept the campaign cohesive, clean, and on-brand.

 Just take it from Executive Producer, Damian Peraino,

Saverio is one of the most talented and collaborative photographers I’ve had the
pleasure of working with. He was able to problem-solve with our agency to make
an extremely successful shoot happen…The work turned out beautifully and our
entire team and client raved about how happy they were with Saverio leading this

With unwavering confidence in Saverio to deliver a large production in a condensed time frame,
he “didn’t just get them there, he got them there smarter,” to borrow from Maven’s tagline.

Photography:                                                                                                                                                                                                  Saverio Truglia | @hellosaverio

Sarah Garrett


Hannah Soto | Grey House Productions

Creative Director:
Julio Desir

Executive Producer:
Damien Peraino

Saverio for MavenSaverio for MavenBTS Saverio Truglia for Maven

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