Objective: To create a seamless campaign for General Motor’s first car sharing service … for the second time!  

From long term projects to quick and challenged shoots? Say ‘Hello Saverio!’

His work speaks for itself: Saverio’s first campaign with Maven Gig and mcgarrybowen was so good that they came back for more. With 15 years of experience, master problem-solving skills, and deliverables far beyond human capacity, he rose to the occasion and exceeded expectations.

Saverio interprets the vision with both precision and a secret sauce of his own. His MO? From action to wrap he thinks outside of the box to seamlessly move the shoot – cue: preliminary sketches. With CGI by his side, his drawings come to life when he thoughtfully and dynamically designs the environment, lighting, and staging of the scene. It’s a go-to photo recipe with a dash of ~ fresh edge. ~

Do yourself a favor and scroll down to see what the hype is all about 👇

Photography:                                                                                                                                                                                                  Saverio Truglia | @hellosaverio

Paradigm Color Studio


Hannah Soto | Grey House Productions

Creative Director:
Julio Desir

Executive Producer:
Susan Cartland 

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