From disappearing exotic pets to navigating around a clown enthusiast’s prize collection, HVAC dealers have better things to worry about than unreliable equipment.

Cut to Young & Laramore’s new work for American Standard complete with humor, unusual props, a narrative arc, and a specific focus on conceptual photography. Saverio created comical images to depict some of the more unnerving stories from the diaries of American Standard HVAC dealers. Given the ultra-reliability of American Standard equipment, the problems dealers encounter have less to do with a furnace or air handler clunking out, and more to do with the homeowners themselves.
Without executable layouts, Design Director, Zac Neulieb and I tossed around some funny and absurd ideas for a thrilling day in the life of an American Standard dealer. Finally, we settled on four scenarios we thought were relatable or just over-the-top enough.
I pencil sketched and rendered each idea taking into consideration the actual location, sourced props, and point of view to help the client see how their vision will come to life. – Saverio
After extensive planning–from production to final shot–we brought to life the four-ad campaign on a well-orchestrated day on location in L.A. Using our team’s problem-solving skills and flair for the unforgettable, we agree with Saverio when he says, “we created memorable ads for an essential household product not used to getting any attention.”
Scroll down and take a look behind the scenes:

Client: American Standard

Agency: Young & Laramore

Photographer: Saverio Truglia 

Retouching: Filtre Studio

Creative Director: Bryan Judkins

Executive Producer: Amy Jo Deguzis

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