Ladies and Gents: FINALLY a gift guide where the photographs are just as exciting as the products! 

Enter: David Rinella’s latest for Garden & Gun, a holiday feast for your eyes 👀


From disappearing exotic pets to navigating around a clown enthusiast’s prize collection, HVAC dealers have better things to worry about than unreliable equipment.


Objective: To create a seamless campaign for General Motor’s first car sharing service … for the second time!  


Today as we learned of the news of Anthony’s passing, we remember the extraordinary life he brought everywhere he went. His endless curiosity introduced so many of us to the world of exceptional food and his cookbooks even allowed us to give it a try.

The day he stepped onto set, we knew it would be special. His unapologetic vibrance and love for his family are how we will remember him.

Tony, you will be missed.

Image by Bobby Fisher for Appetites 

Bobby is my spirit animal. Our nickname is R&B. Roy and Bobby 4eva. 

Artistically we speak the same language and his eye is the best I’ve seen.

-Roy Choi

With a history of photojournalistic feats, its not surprising to see Bobby’s tried-and-true style pick up traction around the ever-changing dinner table. 

Fast shooter and maestro of the set, Bobby Fisher makes the shot and moves with it. From grocery store runs with the chef himself to down and dirty food truck stunts, he takes life in and around the kitchen from expected to extraordinary. 

Following Choi through the streets of LA, he creates a chronicle of escapades stocked with recipes just as flavorful as the world around the bowl. From his work with Kogi to L.A. Son, Bobby Fisher and Roy Choi are the duo to beat.

So, throw a burrito on the dash n’ buckle up:

P.S. L.A. Son is an Anthony Bourdain Book – you know that flavor profile will be 💯


Objective: To create a seamless campaign for General Motor’s first car sharing service
Execution: 15 shots. 12 hours. Thrilled client.


Nothing like shooting for spring two days after a blizzard…a few behind the scenes shots to cool you down from Bobby’s recent shoot for SAMSUNG with Ogilvy. IMG_1544

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IMG_1555 2




IMG_1548IMG_1561 2



Love…that’s all!

Bobby’s image of a chocolate rye bundt cake, originally shot for the gluttony section of Gather Journal’s recent “Seven Deadly Sins” issue, is the current cover of PDN’s “Food Issue’.

Bobby is one of four “Forward-Thinking Food Photographers.” interviewed for the magazine.

Congrats Bobby! Keep it coming…

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